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Mix 24 Experimental Queer Film Festival

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Coco Rico’s Portal of Queer Curiosities

Multimedia Installation and Performance


Slip inside Coco Rico’s queer portal and prepare to be transported to an alter universe where perversion and political agency converge with a big BANG. This multimedia installation features an environment constructed from prisms of color, light, and experimental video.Curiosities include Milky Coconuts, Pussy Caviar, and Transanimal Foreplay. The installation space will be activated throughout the Mix Festival by sporadic performances with Coco Rico and other queer visitors, including Nako Tako.

Check out the AMAZING tour of the portal by Transmedia reporter Randolfe Wicker!

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And look out for Jian Chen’s TRANSMEDIA SUBVERSIONS IN GLOBAL MEDIA NETWORKS,which included the XXX premiere of Aventuras Familiares and the interview/performance Q& A with Jian Chen, Yozmit, Cheto Castellano, and Coco Rico!, also recorded by Randolfe Wicker…

Recent Exhibitions and Appearances

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

OWS# Decolonize Wall Street

This is What Democracy Looks Like

Curated by Keith Miller

Gallatin Galleries, 1 Washington Place, NYC

If the Occupy Wall Street movement was initially criticized for being inchoate, it is because the protesters are speaking a language that is new and therefore not well understood. The generational shift at the heart of this burgeoning movement, seen in its vocabulary and medium, seems to be central to the way it is being misunderstood. As the autonomous and disparate OWS media efforts bypass mainstream channels again and again, whether they be print, Web or televised media, or corporate, police or government spokespeople, it is clear that this disparate group speaks in a vernacular that can only be understood as of the Internet age, and does so horizontally instead of the traditional print-based verticality of the past. While even new media sources try to report on the movement, the OWS media campaigns have shown that the challenge is to speak more clearly, more quickly and more broadly without regard to being understood in the old sense. Although the movement lacks what many critics say it must have (a single message, a leader, a platform, demands), its messages have gotten out clearly, spread widely and been discussed globally.

This is what democracy looks like considers this historical moment and the transformation of its communicative gestures from a twentieth to twenty-first century model of communication. In this exhibit, we ask, What exactly is the Occupy Wall Street movement? What is the language it speaks? And we look at the promise it offers in its ability to communicate in new ways and to open up new channels of democratic dialogue and participation.

– Keith Miller, Curator

Finally OnLine

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Finally after 3 years of work, my web is on internet.