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Skin: A Multimedia Exhibition @ Kara Walker’s 6-8 Month Project Space

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Looking BackGuilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures





participatory aesthetics

Khane Kutzwell's Participatory Aesthetics

Durational Drawing by Cheto Castellano

Durational Drawing by Cheto Castellano

Jian Chen and Cheto Castellano in front of his Necropolitics Installation

Jian Chen and Cheto Castellano in front of his Necropolitics Installation

This was one of the most amazing exhibition experiences ever!

It was incredible to see how the boundaries of art and visual culture were blurred through our distinct practices, and it was an extremely welcoming crowd. The exhibition space included a video screening that was activated by diverse performances including my own live installation, Khane Kutzwell’s fly hair designs, and Cheto Castellano’s live tattooing.

I may never go back to Chelsea again!

Skin: A Multimedia Exhibition

Curated by: Jian Chen & Bronwynne Pereira


Dineo Seshee Bopape

Cheto Castellano

Shelley Barry

Yi-Hsin Tzeng

Khane Kutzwell

Lynee Denis

Wu Tsang

SKIN is seamless, endless, connective, and porous. This multimedia exhibition explores the possibilities of rethinking media consumption as shared skin. The exhibition’s primary objective is to evoke and awaken visitors’ senses of taste, touch, and smell through our experience of onscreen images and performance. As we collectively digest images, or side-by-side embrace skin, so too do we create memories beyond the tangible experience of watching and feeling.

The exhibition also follows and tests the limits of the intuition that we increasingly perceive and experience the world around us in much the same way we interact with onscreen images. On the one hand, onscreen images may regiment our attention, our expectations of time, our desires; and on the other, they may push us to embrace the temporary, disappearing, and marginal.

The film/video and performance presented in SKIN feature the sexually, gender, and racially queer and marginalized. They play with the boundaries of images. They expose the limits of our vision and use visual surfaces to lure, address, and link with viewers. And they reshape and sometimes pierce through the visual surface to provoke new ways of feeling, connecting, and thinking through images.

Fitting with the vision of the 6-8 Months Project, SKIN is a collaboration that brings together artists, writers, performers, activists, and anybody interested in supporting creative programs, aimed at challenging racism, homophobia, and commercialism.

The 6-8 MONTHS PROJECT was created by Kara Walker, in conversation with Eungie Joo, as an alternative space for artists, writers, curators, and others interested in creative work that extends beyond the commercial spaces of galleries, museums, and publications. Walker opened her studio space to give artists of color a space to express their work and to collaborate across multiple disciplines and boundaries.