Rememering Art Farm’s Pigs

Pig Love

Pig Love

Between 2004 and 2005 my colleague and friend  Cheto Castellano invited me to observe his participation on Wim Delvoye’s Art Farm project, where live pigs were tattooed. The project was supposed to save the pigs from the slaughterhouse by transforming them into “art.” Tragically, the ethical and aesthetic proposal of the project changed drastically at the end of the year when Wim Delvoye, Inc. decided to slaughter many of the pigs in order to sell them on the art market and exhibit them worldwide.  In June of 2005, before the pigs were harvested, I got a chance to play with them, and got down and dirty.  Our modest bestiality was a joyous occasion of trans-animal passion and play.

Cheto’s new experimental documentary and trailer, My Art Farm Diary, highlights behind the scenes footage which emphasizes the social life of Art Farm and focuses on the relationships built amongst the workers and the pigs. In support of his critical activism and in the hopes of finding more allies across species, I am posting my video with the pigs for a limited time on youtube: Coco Rico’s Art Farm Intervention.

Coco Rico’s Art Farm Intervention was selected by Extreme Narcissist to appear in Turn *On, an event organized by the Artivistic Collective in Montreal, and which explores alternative approaches to sexuality, activism and pleasure.

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In memory of Art Farm’s pigs…

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