Rinpoche Luk & Coco Rico @ dOCUMENTA(13)

Dear Friends,

Rinpoche Luk and Coco Rico have been collaborating with Sin Kabeza Productions across the infinite void to produce a new series of works that explore (r)Evolutionary Consciousness!

If you visit dOCUMENTA(13) make sure to see our contribution to The Worldly House: An Archive Inspired by Donna Haraway’s Writings on Multispecies Co-Evolution!

If you are there in September, you might even see an apparition…

Luk Kahlo was (re) born in Mexico City in 2544 of the Buddhist calendar, 5119 in the Mayan Great Cycle. He claims to have lived and worked with Frida Kahlo in a past life. In 2003 he crossed the US-Mexico border and led a nomadic life between the US, Latin America and Europe. In 2009, he joined Coco Rico as a co-presidential  candidate in a transpecies anarchist platform that articulates the basis for a just society. Luk is remembered by his students as a rinpoche, a being of love. His teachings continue in a not so distant galaxy.

Coco Rico is a cyborg interventionist that trespasses across the tissue of space and time to promote feminist, anarchist, and multispecies approaches to consciousness. Her name embodies the cry of the rooster and its call for awakening. She is committed to the elaboration of alternate political imaginaries through speculative feminism and fiction. Since 2002 she has been running for president even though she doesn’t want to win. In 2008 her companion species toy poodle, Luk Kahlo, joined her as a co-presidential candidate. Their transpecies anarchist political platform seeks to develop a transpecies, transhistorical, transnational, transborder worlding that articulates the basis for a just society. Her most recent performances are inspired by naturalcultural rituals performed by indigenous healers and shamans throughout the universe.

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