Luk Kahlo & Coco Rico’s Speculative presidential campaign

The US presidential election is in full swing and many people are thinking about electoral politics at this moment, and as I’m sure, many of you are frustrated with the always limited options for our agency as political citizens. So many of my friends and colleagues have asked me if Luk and I will be running for President this year -the truth is we have never stopped running, because ours is a campaign that traverses a speculative field of politics- our goal is not to make it to the ballot, but to ask all of us to imagine a world where voting for the lesser evil is never an option, because there’s so much more that needs to be resolved, because there’s so much suffering that no presidential candidate will ever want to confront. And so, we offer this short text and video, and the heartfelt wish to join us in making another type of political future possible.

No Mas Inflacion/No More Inflation_Luk Kahlo & Coco Rico Presidential Campaign

Excerpt from: If Luk were President, words by Coco Rico

“No Más Inflación,“ (No More Inflation) is a carnivalesque (anti) electoral campaign that responds directly to our current global economic crisis.  This intervention consisted in creating a platform where Luk Kahlo, my companion species toy poodle and I proposed ourselves as presidential candidates. Yet we do not seek state power. Rather our platform is aimed at developing a broader political discourse that utilizes and pokes fun at traditional electoral politics, it attempts to extend electoral imaginaries, while also positing the limitations of electoral agency. The first iteration of this performance was presented in Santiago, Chile, where we publically intervened “La Plaza de La Constitución” and where we delivered a speech in front of Chile’s presidential palace “La Moneda.” This work developed as a result of my becoming with Luk.  While most of my previous work has concentrated on exposing the gendered, racialized and class violence inflicted by late capitalism, these projects have tended to focus on human exploitation.  This campaign took inspiration from what I have learned from developing a serious relationship with Luk Kahlo. His love, his affection, his attention, his engagement are not only recreational practices, they are companion species labor.  Similarly, my attention to his needs, my decodification of his language, my reciprocal love are vital to not only his, but to our survival. Like the best of lovers we work at making our love work.  The site of this intervention was not random.  Chile’s political history has helped to spawn me.  To march down the Constitutional Plaza with Luk was to recall the constitution that Salvador Allende signed and defended in 1970, a constitution that was overturned and rewritten by military neoliberal storytellers.  As I re-read the haunting words and speeches issued by this visionary, I nonetheless realized that as much as Allende dreamed of an alternate human society, he nonetheless had not yet fully developed either a feminist or a multispecies consciousness. Such is the work I hope Luk and I contribute.
From my lips emerge the words, borrowed and pastiched, a recompilation of the demands issued in 1970, when Allende proposed the total re-structuring of the Chilean Banking system for what he believed would be the Chilean path towards democratic socialism.  Luk helps me to reconceptualize these words, and so we demand  political and economic responsibility for all the workers of the world: for the V. Fischeri bacteria that work to make moon lighting for the bobtail squid, for the Japanese zoobelia that helps to digest fish, for the chanterelle in the forest who feeds the stoner, for the plants that the vegan eats, for the kiltr@s on the streets, for the holy cows on the beach, for the mice in the labs, for the primates in the mines, in the factories, in the borderlands, While this project develops, my relationship with Luk transforms, we constantly discover new ways of communication, (even across the void), and suddenly it occurs to me that I have nonetheless assumed a hierarchy, that I have assumed that I will be president, and he my running mate. I look at his unwavering direct gaze, into eyes that reciprocate and analyze. I move to the floor and lie at his paws, he jumps on my face, and covers me with vectored saliva. I start to believe that this is his project, not mine… another kiss and I relinquish my candidacy to him, (a dangerous practice for any feminist), but only because I trust that if he was president, he’d do the same.”

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