Originally invoked through T.S Eliot’s poem “The Wasteland,” Coco Rico’s name is representative of the cry of the rooster and its call for awakening. A conceptual avatar to an academic identity, Coco Rico emerges as a liberating persona that creates a nexus between the official and extra-official layers of quotidian identity, experience and reflection. For the past eight years, this performative entity has formulated a series of interventions, actions and performances, all of which question the current socio-political and economic order, as well as the means through which an alternative politics can be championed.

Since 2004 Coco Rico has engaged an ongoing presidential campaign that is typified by its ambivalence for moderate political platforms in democratic bids for state power. Her anarchist platform seeks to develop a transpecies, transhistorical, transnational, transborder worlding that articulates the basis for a just society.

Coco Rico’s aim as an artist is to expose systemic injustices and to break the constricting rules of propriety through a summoning of the carnivalesque within public spaces. Coco Rico’s actions, interventions and performances have taken place in various settings including: Christie’s Auction House, Galería Animal de Chile, Avda. Pdte. Masaryk, Mexico, Beijing University, Western Front Society, among others.

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